Useful investing resources

When you start investing, it might be hard to know where to look for the right information when researching. Here are some links I found useful.

  • Definitions and Explanations: Investopedia
  • Stock information: Seeking Alpha (especially for dividend stocks) and Yahoo Finance (you can download detailed historical data here)
  • Stock screener: Finviz
  • Investing related innovation news: Ark Invest and their FYI Podcast (For Your Innovation)
  • Financial information on a company: go to the investor relations page on a company‚Äôs website and look at their quarterly presentations
  • Entertaining/informative Youtube Channels: Graham Stephan (real estate), Financial Education (stock picking), Phil Town (general financial education)

For actually investing, these are the sites I use:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Coinbase or Bison (earn $10 and support my blog for signing up through these links)
  • Stocks: Gratisbroker (only broker in Germany that offers free trading without fees). Otherwise you might use Freetrade, Robinhood or WeBull to avoid fees, but I have no experience with them
  • Precious metals: GoldSilber. I’m not sure if they offer accounts outside of Germany

Hope this helps!

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